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When is the payment due date for my card?

Your BRI Credit Card due date is available in the billing statement. If you have not received any billing statement, contact Call BRI at 14017 or 1 500 017

The due date is always the same every month. Minimum payment should be paid no later than the due date of each month, even though the customer does not receive the billing statement. Please contact Call BRI at 14017 or 1 500 017 or check via ATM BRI to keep track of your bills.

When will I receive the billing statement?

you will receive the billing statement no later than 7 days prior to the due date. if you have not received any billing statement within 5 days prior to the due date, contact Call BRI at 14017.

How can I increase my credit limit?

Please contact Call BRI at 14017 or 1 500 017

How long will the temporary credit limit increase be available?

1-3 months 

How long does it take to record the payment?
  • Payment Via BRI Branch Office will take at least 2 x 24 hours.
  • Payment via BRI ATM will take at least 1 x 24 hours
  • Payment via other banks will depend on the clearing process by Bank Indonesia

What is the minimum monthly payment of my BRI Credit Card?

Minimum payment is 10% of the total monthly bill or RP 50,000,- whichever is greater.

What are the benefits of BRI Touch Credit Card?
  1. Free Annual Fee
    BRI touch Credit Card is exempetd from annual fee as long as the card is active.
  2. Worldwide Shopping Facilities
    You can use BRI Touch Credit Card at all merchants with Visa logo worldwide.

  3. Low Interest Rate
    With low interest rate, shopping will be more conveniet.
  4. Cash Withdrawal
    You can use BRI Touch Credit Card for cash withdrawal at all ATM with Visa Logo.
  5. Moblie Phone credit top up 
    Credit top up is available across indonesia for any GMS and CDMA operator.
  6. Point Reward
    Point Reward is available for each retail transactions using BRI credit card.
  7. AutoPay
    you can automatically pay your monthly bill with BRI Touch Credit Card.
  8. Merchant Promo
    Attractive offers for each transaction made at selected merchants.
  9. BRI Protection Plus
    BRI Touch Credit Card come with BRI Protection Plus Insurance, a combination of Personal Accident and Health Insurance (Premium will be paid by Cardholders)
  10. BRING Program (Belanja RINGan)
    Enjoy low installments form 3 to 36 months tenor.
  11. Cash Withdrawal 

    Cash Withdrawal for your daily needs. Enjoy low interest for cash withdrawal up to 24 months installment plan.

  12. BRI Travel Service
    Make reservations for travel tickets, hotels, and tour packages all around the world with BRI Touch Credit Card.
  13. BRI Shop Online
    Enjoy attractive offers and installments up to 36 months at brishoponline.com
  14. SMS & Internet Banking Service
    SMS and Internet Banking facilites allow cardholders to access their finaancial information and pay credit card bills anywhere, anytime
  15. 24-Hours Call Center Service
    For any information or queries regarding the BRI Touch Credit Card, BRI Contact is available 24/7 at 14017 or 1500 017 (including Sundays and public holidays)
What are the features of BRI Touch Credit Card?

BRI Touch Credit Card is equipped with a chip to secure and protect your data from misuse and forgery.

Front of the Card

  1. BRI Logo
    BRI is the issuer of your BRI Touch Credit Card 
  2. Chip
    Part of BRI Touch Credut Card that stores your confidential inforamtion and to ensure your safety and convenience during transaction.
  3. Card Number
    16-digit of your BRI Touch Credit Card to make payment or correspondence.
  4. Cardholder Name 
    Identifies that you are the only authorized person to use the card. Therefore, make sure that your name is printed correctly once you receive the card 
  5. Expiration Date 
    Show the validity period of your BRI Touch Credit Card. os consists of the expiration month/year.
  6. Logo
    Show that your card is accepted at all Merchants with the logo throughout the word. 

Back of the Card 

  1. Magnetic Stripe 
    Stores important information of you BRI Touch Credit Card it is important to keep it away from magnets and avoid scratches 
  2. Signature Box 
    For Security and convenience purpos, you are rewuired to sign this signature box immediately using permanent pen.
How do I Apply for Supplementary Credit Card?

As a primary cardholder, you can now share the benefits of BRI Touch Credit Card with your family members using supplementary card.

Terms and conditions :

  1. Prospective supplementary cardholders should be 17-65 years old. 
  2. Supplementary card is available for spouses, children, parents, siblings, and in-laws.
  3. Types of supplementary credit cards will be the same as your primary card. 
  4. Prospective supplementary cardholder is required to submit a copy of identity documents (driver’s license, ID Card, Passport, etc)
What informations are shown on the billing statement?

Billing statement is monthly statement of your recent transaction using BRI Touch Credit Card.
The detail of transactions using the primary and supplementary cards (if any) will be recorded in a single billing statement.

  1.  Card Number
    The card number listed on the biling statement is of the primary card.
  2. Statement Date
    The billing date of transactions and other outstanding balances every month.
  3. Payment Due Date
    The payment of outstanding balance is due to by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk no later than 15 days after the billing statement date. Minimum payment must be paid by or prior to the due date every month, though you have not received any billing statement. Payment received after due is subject to late fee since it will take a few days to process your payment. Make sure the payment is done after the statement date and before the due date.
  4. Credit Limit
    The credit card limit is set by the bank and can be reviewed from time to time.
  5. Cash Withdrawal Limit
    Maximum cash withdrawal of your BRI Touch Credit Card complies with the policy of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.
  6. Transaction/debit
    Total retail transactions using BRI Touch Credit Card.
  7. Cash Withdrawal
    Total cash withdrawal using BRI Touch Credit Card.
  8. New Billing 
    Outstanding balance on the billling date includes outstanding balance from the previous month plus transactions made up to the billing date, fees, and correction deducted by payment and credit.
  9. Minimum payment
    Minimum payment required by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk no later than the due date.
  10. Credit Limit
    Limit deducted your credit card balance during the billing statement is printed.
  11. Billing Name and Address
    The name listed is the name of the primary cardholder while the address is the intended billing address. Please contact 24/7 Contact BRI if there are any changes to your billing address.
  12. Transaction date
    The date when you made transactions using your BRI Touch Credit Card.
  13. Posting Date
    The date when your transaction is recorded by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
  14. Description
    Transaction details using BRI Touch Credit Card.
  15. Amount
    The amount of transaction made in rupiah, including spending, cash withdrawal, fee charges, and or payment.
  16. Previous Reward
    Total reward of your previous billing.
  17. Monthly Reward 
    Rewards that you earn this month.
  18. Bonus Reward
    Additional rewards provided upon your participation in promotion programs.
  19. Redeemed Reward 
    Number of rewards that you have redeemed.
  20. Adjustment
    Amount of adjusted reward.
  21. Available Reward
    Amount of available reward in your printed statement.
  22. Interest Rate for Retail
    Applicable interest rate for retail transactions.
  23. Interest Rate for Cash Withdrawal
    Applicable interest rate for cash withdrawal.
  24. Previous bill
    Amount of bills in your previous billing statement.
  25. Payment / Credit
    Information on your previous BRI Touch Credit Card payment for the previous billing statement.

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